What is the difference between an ordinary “pool guy” and Certified “CPO” Pool Technician?

Is there really a difference? Yes there is.
I remember the first time I was put in charge of performing pool service and thinking to myself “How hard can it possibly be”? Was I in for a surprise! A swimming pool is not only complex but when it is not taken care of correctly it results in wasting chemicals, unnecessary expenses and it significantly shortens the life of the pool surface and equipment. All of which leads to pool repair and costs a pool/homeowner money.

Who certifies a CPO?

The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSFP.org). An international organization started in 1965, that has grown to 70 countries and has become premier organization that trains and certifies professional pool service operators. Their program includes training on many aspects of water chemistry including diseases that are transmitted in pool and spa water often referred to as RWI (Recreational Water Illnesses.)

Why is a Certified Pool Operator preferred?

When a technician goes to a CPO class taught by a certified instructor, they first learn how to make all of the calculations necessary to add only the amount of chemical actually needed and avoid just habitually adding chemicals without a true understanding of how they impact the chemistry of a swimming pool. A CPO knows how to figure out down to the ounce exactly what chemical should be added for proper pool cleaning and which ones aren’t necessary or do more harm than good. They know how exactly how many gallons are in the pool, how many gallons per minutes are circulating, how to clean and take care of the filtration system, when to backwash, when to close the pool, and how to make sure it is as safe as it can be by meeting all of the requirements.

They know by the best training available that swimming pool maintenance on a daily basis minimizes expenses and prevents capital expenses due to improper care. They know what chemicals to buy by name, what equipment is required and recommended, and why in almost every case dumping many different bottles of chemicals into a pool is unnecessary.

Yes, I said dumping lots of chemicals into a pool is rarely necessary. Have I added chlorine? Yes. Did I add pounds of it? Nope. Often shocking a pool is like killing a fly with a sledge-hammer when a simple fly swatter will do. And, a CPO knows that and can prove it. Why do they sell shock and a pile of different bottles of chemicals to untrained pool owners and pool service men? The same reason sham-wows are sold; people buy it and as long as someone is willing to buy it a supplier (your local pool supply store) will continue to sell it.

In addition to knowing how to take care of the pool, avoid algae, and reduce expenses, here’s something to consider: when a pool is taken care of correctly the surface can last up to 10-20 years and the repairs are minimal compared to a marginally cared for pool.

When someone attends CPO training, it tells you by a technician’s action that they have the desire and discipline to learn as much as they can about how to do their job to the best of their ability. They have taken the time out of their busy schedule to make sure the property they service are well taken care of with high standards, and you know they can help save you time and money, avoid wasting thousands of dollars, and keep it operating within budget. On average, just to get a pool resurfaced on a property can range from $5,000.00 – $10,000.00.

So, if you want to save thousands of dollars hire a profession CPO certified pool service technician. You’ll be glad you did.