With a dedication to every customer, we have a passion for repairing pools and making our clients happy that is simply unmatched in Peoria and Surprise. A Certified Pool Operator, our owner makes a point to be on-site for every job, working diligently to make sure you are getting the service you want and the repairs your pool needs. Phoenix Pro Pool Service, your premier pool service in Phoenix, has compiled a list of the top 4 swimming pool myths and we’re debunking them once and for all!

1. You must wait an hour after eating before swimming. False! The idea that swimming immediately after eating will inevitably lead to a life-threatening cramp seems to have first appeared in an outdated scouting manual from the early 20th century. We wouldn’t recommend swimming the English Channel after a whole roast turducken, but kids don’t have to sit through a torturous hour before swimming.

2. That heavy chemical smell is an indication of a clean pool. False – It’s actually the opposite. A properly disinfected swimming pool has no strong chemical smell! That strong odor common to many pools is actually due to something called chloramines. Chloramines are the byproducts of chlorine’s reaction to contaminants brought in by swimmers.

3. Chlorine gives people red-eye during swimming. While swimming pools can indeed provide irritations, the culprit is actually chloramines, a by-product of chlorine, which result from an improperly, often under-chlorinated pool. Pools that maintain a normal level of chlorination will not cause such symptoms.