As much as you love your pool when everything is running properly, time and the elements will eventually cause it to need pool repair. Improper pool care in the past, like going too long without replacing filters, can also lead to premature failure. It’s important to get things fixed as quickly as possible so that you can avoid even costlier repairs in the future. Phoenix Pro Pool Service can take care of all your swimming pool repair needs whether they’re mechanical or structural.

Our pool repair services include:

  • Pool Equipment Repair – Whether you need pool pump repair, pool heater repair, or help with the lighting, we can take care of it. You know that non-moving water in a pool can become stagnant very quickly, so if you’re having trouble with your pump it’s important to take care of it before “extensive pool cleaning services” is added to the list.
  • Pool Inspections – Our trained eye can catch potential problems before they shut down your pool. Inspections can save you costly repairs in the future.
  • Pool Plumbing Repair – When the water is having trouble getting where it needs to be, your pool isn’t giving you the experience you want. We know pool plumbing like no one else, so don’t delay calling us when you’re having trouble.

When you need swimming pool repair service in Peoria or Surprise, Arizona, make sure to call a Certified Pool Operator to get you back in the water. Contact Phoenix Pro Pool Service today for the personal and professional pool repair you can trust.