Save money with efficient and effective pool equipment you can count on and will last a lifetime. At Phoenix Pro Pool Service, we are dedicated to providing only the very best pool service for every client, whether it’s pool cleaning or top-notch pool maintenance. In this way, we work to provide and install exactly what you need with options for energy savings.


Based on resistance and flow, pool filters can have an impact on how much energy your pool is consuming. With the easy flow of cartridge filters, you’ll be saving money on energy. However, with the easy pool maintenance of sand filtration, many owners prefer this method. We work with you personally to really understand what you need and what you expect so we can provide pool service tailored to you.


Almost every lighting solution is gradually becoming directed toward the energy-saving, long-lasting and powerful LED lights, which is a great solution for any pool. Whether you need underwater lights or lights around your pool, LEDs will save you time and money.


We offer several options for pool heaters, which can be tailor-fitted to almost any pool system. Whether it’s a completely new system or the repair of an existing heater, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today for the pool equipment solutions you need to save you money while making sure your pool is efficient, lasting, and runs like new.