At Phoenix Pro Pool we are committed to “Keeping your pool clear and healthy.” One pool service we offer is a free inspection. This swimming pool inspection could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs by catching small pool repair problems before it causes damage to your pool. A swimming pool is a large investment and it is very important that you keep it maintained for upkeep of the investment and the health of the swimmers.

If you are a swimming pool owner or manage a commercial swimming pool in the Greater Peoria and Surprise area, get a pool inspection from Phoenix Pro Pool Service and receive the peace of mind that everything is okay!

  1. Check time clock/controls for proper operation
  2. Check pool filter pump for proper operation and look for repair needs
  3. Check all other pumps for proper operation
  4. Check all pumps and above ground plumbing for visible leaks
  5. Check if pump baskets are in place and in good condition
  6. Check pool filter and filter valve for proper operation
  7. Check if backwash plumbing is in working order
  8. Check filter air release for proper operation
  9. Check and record filter pressure
  10. Check salt system for proper operation
  11. Check if pool and spa lights are both functional
  12. Test GFCI to make sure it is functional and weatherproof
  13. Check if exposed wires are properly insulated and bonding wire is in place
  14. Check cleaning system for proper operation
  15. Visually inspect plaster shell for delamination, staining and etching
  16. Visually inspect tile and grout for cracking and missing pieces
  17. Check if Chlorine is in proper range (1-5ppm)?
  18. Check if pH is in proper range (7.2-7.6)?
  19. Check if Total Alkalinity is in proper range (100-120ppm)?
  20. Check if Cyanuric Acid is in proper range (50-120ppm)?
  21. Check if Calcium Hardness is in proper range (250-500)?
  22. Check if Total Dissolved Solids is in proper range (250-2500)?
  23. Check water for clarity, debris and algae’s?
  24. Check if the drain cover in place?
  25. Check if skimmer weir gate is operational
  26. Check if skimmer basket is in place and in good condition
  27. Check if skimmer float/diverter valve is in place and in good condition
  28. Check spa controls for functionality
  29. Check if pool water filler is operating correctly
  30. Check if heater turn on and produces warm water
  31. Check heater turn gas turn off valve

Of course, if you are in need of swimming pool repair, we’d be happy to give you a free quote. Give us a call today!

Please Note: Phoenix Pro Pool Service does not warranty or guarantee the soundness of the pool vessel, pool plumbing, or equipment. This is a visual, not an invasive inspection. This report is provided for inspection information only.